ManageYourIt has started to implement its latest generation of IT Security and reliable IT companies in Edmonton by Vertiscale in its move to ensure that they are able to successfully support its clients in the healthcare field.

Vertiscale has recently made an announcement that it will be partnering with a managed services provider in Fort Worth, ManageYourIt, to help support in the increased level of the safety and the security of the providers of healthcare in North Texas. It has been revealed that ManageYourIT is incorporating the compliance platform and security into the service offerings that it is outsourcing along with the focus on professionals that are involved in the mid-market.

A number of healthcare professionals these days are still not compliant of the privacy laws set by HIPAA. This is according to the audit results that have been conducted by the HHS or the Health and Human Service Department despite the many data breaches on data that are quite high profile that have actually resulted in fines that were in the six and seven digits. The agency has also made an announcement about how it has commenced new rounds of audits that it is performing nationwide. It has also been firm in its conviction about imposing fines to those providers that are seen to have failed when it comes to the implementation of the security tools that are expected to help in the prevention of unauthorized details and information about people’s health that are supposed to be protected and secured in the first place.

ManageYourIT has since been trying to make a push when it comes to the healthcare customers that it serves to ensure that the security of their IT systems are properly improved so data breaches can be significantly avoided in the future. Breaches like these are actually going to easily end up hurting the reputation of businesses and at the same time, may end up resulting in substantial fines as well. The firm has since been the leader in the market along Forth Worth and Dallas towards the selection and the deployment of nothing less than the best technologies to make it possible for them to help their customers in the optimization of their business operations while at the same time, maintaining the safety and the security of the proprietary data that they keep.

According to Bill Holt, the CEO of ManageYourIT, they have been seeing such a huge increase when it comes to the demand for capabilities that allow remote access. According to him, the tools that have the capability of meeting these needs have since been expensive and complex to use Vertiscale is offering a different take on this by setting up IT systems that are exceptionally secure while at the same time, reducing the costs for their customers while supporting their demand to be able to secure remote access along the way.

The strong reputation and customer base of ManageYourIT when it comes to high quality services in IT has made them the ideal partner for Vertiscale, according to Jon Senger, the co-founder and the CTO of Vertiscale. He also noted how ManageYourIT understands the importance of data security as well as how they can deliver IT infrastructures that are not only secured but are going to be offered at very reasonable costs as well.