The challenges of deploying Office 365 are many. How well your business prepares to face them determines how flawless the process turns out. You therefore owe it to your company to get the best Office 365 consulting firm that can help you make this transition in a way that simplifies it a little for you and your employees. When you subscribe to Solutions, you get to experience a smooth process devoid of unnecessary delays and mistakes that could have been avoided. In addition, understanding the challenges you should expect to see your company go through during Office 365 deployment can help you prepare better. The following are some of them.

Compliance and legal policies

While many business organizations have already moved to the cloud, a typical Office 365 migration process is full of questions as business executives seek to find out if their organizations are compliant with the law. Entrepreneurs know the cost of fines and penalties can cripple their businesses, thus they ask numerous questions in an attempt to understand the process and the implications on their business. Security is especially a big concern for many business leaders.


Misconfiguration of proxy devices, CAS servers and firewalls is a problem you will likely face. Wrong configurations often result in the corruption of Exchange Services.

Outlook clients

If your business is still based on Office 2003, then you have a special problem. Unlike other platforms, there is no direct way those clients using old endpoint systems can be upgraded to Office 365. To help a company like this, the consulting firm needs to be extremely creative and innovative with solutions. A good Office 365 consulting firm will upgrade you to Outlook 2013 to give you a good experience during the moving of mailboxes.

Tenancy name availability

It is quite common to find employees in a company have at some point used the trial version of Office 365 only to forget everything about it. This brings up a challenge when the time comes and production tenancy is needed. Most employees use the tenancy name for the trial and discard it later. Trying to get help from Microsoft Support Online is often unfruitful. That means you may not succeed getting back the tenancy name.

Third-party software installed to Exchange

Most companies migrating to the cloud will have some software tools they have become accustomed to using that they now have to leave behind as they switch to Office 365. Some companies may be too attached to these tools to let them go. In this case, the Office 365 consulting firm the company has hired should provide ways that the company can move into Office 365 without leaving those helpful tools behind.