Workers involved in it solutions Toronto might be interested in some big news about digital asset management life cycle. The company is a major company as it’s the top global supplier of software known as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the prescription drug and bio-pharmaceutical company market, as well as Factorytalk Co., Limited in Thailand. It’s a top consulting business for drug manufactures located in Southeast Asia. It announced jointly the total transfer of the MES business of Factorytalk to the corporate organization of Werum. All workers who are currently employed by Factorytalk in MES will now transfer to the new subsidiary. Several of them are already long-term MEs experts with a lot of experience.The new subsidiary is named TraceTM IT Solutions Limited and it’s located in Bangkok, Thailand. This will help to make sure that there’s a solid foundation for later growth of the Wrrum business located in the Asia Pacific area.

Factorytalk has been working with Werum for a decade. It has a record of having success in implementing Werum’s systems, and working with qualified local consultants. They’re a good platform that the business transfer is built on. The initiative will help Werum to provide a truly integrated/total solution hub to help Werum’s current as well as new clients in the region.

Rüdiger Schlierenkämper is the CEO of Werum It Solutions in Germany. He said that the deal was made in order to benefit market leadership as well as growth. The company welcomes the chance to expand its local activities for customers in Asia in the future market. That’s why it’s teaming up with Factorytalk. The company is an expert in compliance for different systems. He also stated that moving Factorytalk’s MES industry to Werum is a step closer to producing future business growth in the region.

David Margetts is the managing director of the new company. He stated that for more than a decade the company has valued and been proud to labor in a close/rewarding type of partnership along with Werum.

The company has been able to integrate the MES team into the organization of Werum. It fits into the company’s broad worldwide network. That’s been possible by developing long-term principals of customer focus, trust, and commitment. It will help to make sure quality and compliance. The company is quickly building on its current success through having the best of both worlds. It helps the company to use its international skills. The local teams/partners want to deliver the world’s top biotech/pharma MES solutions across all the major markets, language, and culture in the area. It also wants to achieve that goal from a central location in the region of Asia.

Lars Hornung is a director of global sales of Werum IT solutions. He said that Werum’s new hub in Thailand is one step towards the company’s goal of becoming closer to clients in the rea. Its new Bangkok office is a center for MEs projects of pharma/biopharma customers in the region of Asia Pacific. This is important for the company.