These days, no matter what size your Toronto business is, you are probably familiar with the importance of managing data and utilize latest applications for efficiency. However, as a business starts to grow, it is only a matter of time till they find thems completely overwhelmed with the growing IT management needs. At this point, the option would be to increase the internal IT team pool, or reach out to IT consulting firms for outsourcing some of the responsibilities.

Outsourcing is a cost effective and reliable solution to let businesses with limited resources access benefits beyond their capacity. However, many businesses might feel reluctant to share their internal business data and responsibility to third parties. But if you consider the bigger picture and the opportunity it provides, outsourcing just might be the answer to your business success. If you want to know more about the advantages of outsourcing before investing in project management firms, check out the following article:

Is Outsourcing Right for Application and Database Management?

Outsourcing is by no means a new idea. But outsourced database and application management have become more prominent in almost every type of industry. For the most part, that has to do with how today’s technology has broadened the possibilities and capabilities of remote management, making it much more flexible.

Some executives still debate whether there are any tangible benefits to having a remote team handle certain responsibilities or tasks for a business. But if you find the right people and identify the right areas to outsource, hiring a remote team should positively impact your bottom line.

Consider: Outsourcing managed services can help reduce costs, tap into top quality talent, provide efficiency and flexibility, and most importantly, enable you and your team focus on what really matters in your business—the core tasks that drive meaningful growth.

Still, there are some important factors to consider when seeking out a preferred partner, and deciding who does what. Here are some top opportunities and decisions to expect.

Let internal teams focus on core projects

The key to getting the most out of outsourced remote management is through finding the best balance of services across support areas, whether the need is for remote application management, database administration, or specialized functional support.

Good news here: Having a dedicated and reliable team should allow you to free internal resources to focus on more important projects. The next step is to allocate the appropriate tasks to the right resource.

Every business task is divided into two categories, “chore” tasks or “core” tasks. “Chore” tasks encompass all the responsibilities that keep the business running, like managing infrastructure and maintaining optimal performance of databases. Though performing these tasks will ensure that you can stay open for business, they don’t distinguish your operations from the competition.

“Core” tasks are the responsibilities fundamental to business growth. They are the types of activities unique to your company that form part of the strategic plan to create a competitive advantage. As such, you would ideally keep these “core” areas internal, and as the main focus of your IT department.

Now that you have a better understanding of the perks of outsourcing, you might be considering hiring a project management firm to ease up your entire business flow. To help you with the process, check out the following slideshare that highlights some of the Trends in Software Outsourcing: Best Practices.